Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spinning for a Challenge

Have you ever been Magic Linked? Do you even know what a Magic Link is. Magic Linking is a mechanism on Ravelry to make someones ears burn by linking them up in a message. It is where you put someones name in brackets and then a subject in parenthesis and when you post, it magic links that person to a message. For instance, I was Magic Linked on June 05 from Moonfire Handknits about a spinning challenge. The message said " Are your ears burning? You've been magic linked in Moonfire HandKnits."

That ear burn was an invitation to a spinning challenge to be completed by June 27and it was June 05 so I figured sure, why not! I have plenty of time. Well, I got ear burned again on Friday, June 21 and below is all I had completed! I needed to get cracking or miss out!



This is what I started with, 4 ounces of hand painted 85% Polwarth wool and 15% Tussah silk. I had purchased this back in late April from Capistrano Fiber Arts on Etsy and I can't wait to get more! It spun beautifully and I just love the sheen.

I spun all day on Sunday. Here is the finished product from the first 2 ounces.Then we had a big summer storm move through, so I decided to move out to the front porch for some spinning in the rain and on to the 2nd 2 ounces of roving. The colors were so lovely. I had purchased 6 ounces, but decided to reserve 2 ounces to spin later and do a Navajo ply as an experiment to see how it would look in a 3 ply.


 Ready to ply on the left and plyed and moved to the niddy noddy on the right. Then it was time to wash and rinse.

Next it was time to roll it out and hang it to dry and set the twist. I was especially happy with this skein because the twist was perfect and I didn't need to weight it to straighten it out. Before I left for work I hung it on the front porch to dry. I sure was glad I hung it on the front porch and not out back on the pergola like I normally do because we had another whopper of a storm yesterday and it would have gotten soaked. I really wanted a dry skein so I could twist it up and get a good look.

 So here is my finished product. 180 luscious yards of DK weight yarn. Tell me what you think?

 I personally couldn't be more thrilled with the results!


  1. I love the colors. Your yarn turned out great!

    1. Thank you, Patti! Now for the fun part of figuring out what to do with it!

  2. Beth, that is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful spinning!

  3. That is absolutely beautiful Beth, fabulous colours!

  4. Waiting to see what you make with it now that I have seen it in person!

  5. Thanks! I too am waiting to see what I make of it! Lol!

  6. This is totally gorgeous - I love it! How amazing to dye and spin your own wool.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  7. Someone sent me a message as an anonymous no-reply blogger about the blog. If you are that person, try sending me a message from my Old Cedar Knoll Facebook page here:

  8. Beautiful! My daughter loves to knit - and she loves taking her yarn to be spun into a ball! You are a talent!


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