Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's in Bloom Wednesday

It has been such a wonderful spring! The weather has been close to perfect and because we haven't had any of our normal early hot spells, our spring flowering perennials have been stunning!

Today's posts is simply a walk around the farm to share a few of my spring favorites.

The peonies lasted longer than ever this year. We have been on our farm for 8 years now and we planted all of our different peony varieties the first summer we moved in. This is one is called Pink Hawaiian.

We also have several varieties of clematis. This is an early bloomer named Josephine.

Beautiful dianthus, "Bath's Pink". You can smell this variety from 50 feet away!

Fiddleheads in spring! I don't think this variety would be very good to eat, but you never know!
  Ah the beautiful Bearded Iris! These smell so lovely! When I was little my friend's mother had a huge Iris garden and they were often referred to as "flags". The funny thing about this planting is that each year they are a different color! They are either bright yellow or the blackest purple and you never know until they pop up what they will be. This picture makes them look a lot lighter than they really are. I can't figure out why but it is probably due to digital cameras!
My college photography courses taught me to look at things from many perspectives and this Japanese Maple just begged to be photographed from the inside out! I gave this particular specimen to my husband 15 years ago for Easter and I can't recall the name, but it is very special and I have never seen the variety again! It was so tiny it fit in a little pot that sat on our dining room table and it has moved with us to FL and back!
And last but not least for today's stroll, any photographer worth his salt always has to do a study in looking up! These tulips lasted for almost 3 weeks and although they were white, they were tall and stunning!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
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