Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Miss Your Chance to Win One of These Fabulous One of a Kind Bags from Janet Metzger at The Empty Nest!

Anyone Up for a Giveaway?

Hello friends and welcome back. 
If you are new to my blog...well you picked a great day to pop in.
I feel like doing a
Ok...so a few months ago, I used a few of my gorgeous home decor remnant fabric pieces to create a few fun summer totes.
For the linings, I used vintage pillowcases from my local thrift shop finds.
I hope you will think them worthy of a Giveaway prize.

This is the first one....OH, did I forget to tell you, I'm not just giving away one tote. Two lucky winners will walk away with a new Empty Nest Original (that sounds so pompous...but cool).

Oh..and did I also neglect to tell you that these totes will be packed with beautiful, fun and colorful 
All kinds of cottons, home decor and more.

The first tote is fashioned form  a design house home decor floral/stripe fabric.
Beige strips on one side and pale green on the other.
Yup...my name is one the outside of your tote. 
You can no longer deny knowing me

This tote is lined with a pretty light lavender floral vintage pillowcase
So sweet

I love the muted watercolor floral
Just imagine filling my (your) tote with summer market veggies, books from the library or flea market treasures. Perfect as cool beach bag also.

The second tote features a remnant piece of Susan Sargent fabric.
I love the colors and design of this fabric.
Both totes are fabulous and functional 17 inches x 15 inches with a 3 inch gusset.

My name will haunt you forever...not to be removed unless by court order

Summery lemon yellow and lime green vintage pillowcase lining on this beauty.
Even the striped handles are constructed from remnant home decor fabric, very sturdy.
My(your) totes are soft and easily folded up to be tucked in a suitcase or a handbag while traveling.
Let's face it...with gasoline being close to $5.00 a gallon, you will appreciate a Free tote while on the road!

A small sample of my excess fabric!
As an added Bonus, I will be filling each tote with lot's of fabric from my overloaded stash.
My Giveaway will be open to ALL my followers. So if you are an international blogger, please do enter.
There are none!!!
I hate Giveaway rules like I hate those grocery store loyalty cards.
My thoughts on those:
"I'm shopping in your darn store...just give me the stupid sale price already!!!!"
Ok..back to my sweet persona
So are you feeling lucky?
If you have some spare time (I know...what's that?) 
A tweet and a blog mention is always nice, but NOT a requirement.
My Giveaway will close on June 5th, Sunday.
I know these are busy times for many, so I am giving you two full weekends to enter.
Until next time...be kind and stay creative.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

This Weeks On Fire For Handmade Featured Artisan

It's been a while since I have posted! Spring is a busy time on the farm and this year has been no exception. I haven't created a new item for the shop in almost two months and I still working two jobs on top of everything else.

This weeks Featured Artisan is Theresa Karnes of Tak Unique Designs. Theresa enjoys handcrafting beautiful and unique jewelry with genuine gemstones and high quality findings. Enjoy!

This weeks Featured Artisan is Theresa Karnes - Tak Unique Designs. Teresa has beautiful creations in her shop! You can find Tak Unique Designs on:

You can grag the code for your blog posts here:

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