Monday, November 7, 2011

Who doesn't love a quilt!

Seriously, do you know anyone that isn't comforted by a beautiful quilt? Especially one that is old and worn. So worn, that the cotton is so smooth it feels as soft as a baby's cheeks? That is my favorite kind of quilt, but to get one like that, you either need to buy an antique or spend a few years breaking in a brand spanking new one. And that leads me to my story today. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the pleasure of seeing some quilts that I would love to spend some years breaking in and in the process do some snuggling with my favorite people; my sweetie and grandchildren come to mind.

The quilting friend from my knitting group is Sandra and she has a very special talent for working with color. She loves color and it really suits her. Her sewing room overlooks a lovely garden patio and is washed with the most wonderful light, so much light, she calls it her beach room because she feels like she is at the beach while she works.
One of Sandra's bag patterns. That is her in the red dress!

This would make a beautiful Christmas quilt.

Sandra creates a unique tag for the back of all of her quilts.

I don't know why this wants to be upside down. :^(
What she calls a simple pineapple print!

A lovely beach inspired sand castle.
A fun quilt with Bees!

This was by far my favorite. Such a a wonderful use of batiks to create a coral reef!

There were lots more to see, but mostly I wanted to give you a sneak peek into my "knitting" friend's world. And now that I have you all thinking about quilts, how would you like to win a quilt from another wonderful quilter? Yesterday, I came across the blog of a lovely lady named Tammy from The Stitching Coop. She has been making rag quilts for 11 years now and she is graciously offering to give one of her quilts to a lucky winner. The quilt she is giving away would be perfect for my granddaughter so I would be kidding if I said I wouldn't love to win it. Please head over to her blog and follow and even though it will water down the pool, enter to win this little lovely!

Click here to enter!
Later in the week I will be sharing some fabulous Advent Calendars by my crafty little sister, so make sure you check back. You might want to order one so it will arrive in time for December 1st!


  1. I love the aquatic quilt.. amazing. I love going to quilt shows and seeing the artistry of how fabric becomes a masterpiece to be awed. Gorgeous selection of quilts you have put up. Thank you for blogging, linking, commenting and sharing about my giveaway. I really can't wait to draw the name. So exciting to see where she will end up!! Huggers. Tammy

  2. Hello Beth, what a lovely collection - I love the underwater one - it's really clever! Also like the witches!!

    Take care, Jane xx


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