Thursday, November 10, 2011

Giving thanks on Thursday

I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday! I love Thursday because it means I have made it through the work week - for the most part - and soon I will get to spend 2 full days on the farm!

Speaking of the farm, I haven't done any farm features for a while, so I think it is time for a share. Today I want to introduce you to the Chica girls, my lovely hens that were no bigger than a tennis ball just 5 months ago. They are now full grown and we hope we will have our first eggs any day now! I was really hoping to have fresh eggs by Thanksgiving to use in my egg noodle recipe. Homemade egg noodles are one of my families most special holiday traditions. It is a very simple recipe - one egg and one teaspoon salt to one cup of flour and a few tablespoons of cold water just to moisten. Our family has grown to the point that I am now up to 6 cups of noodles for Thanksgiving dinner and those noodles are always everyone's favorite. The fun part about the noodles is rolling out the dough and hanging that piece of dough until it is almost dry, then cutting them into strips that make the noodles. Add some wonderful turkey gravy and a side of cranberry relish and you have the makings of the beginning of a very special meal!

So back to the hens, here are some photos from the past few months since they came on June22.

1st week of July after moving in to their new digs!

2 weeks later
Growing like weeds!

2 weeks later in August and my little sweeties came to see them again!

Just starting to come out at the end of Aug.

They sure are getting pretty!

They sure do love to scratch in the grass.

Papa's painting the hen house.
One of our beautiful Dominicks
1st week of October
Are you going or should I?
 I'll go!

First time out to free range on Oct. 15
My early Trick-or-Treaters - the butterfly is already out of her wings.
 They always want to go out to see the Chica girls!

These are some of the things I am thankful for today. I hope you enjoyed the share. 

What are you thankful for?


  1. I had a horrible time keeping chickens alive...and I will have to admit that I didn't mind when they were all gone. I had a horrible time keeping black snakes out of the eggs.
    This post sure makes me miss the farm though!

  2. Tonya, there is hardware cloth from the foundation about a foot down into the ground and then at the roof line where the ventilation is. When we had chickens at our last farm 15 years ago, a black snake got in and ate 3 of our girls when they were about a month old. :(


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