Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's Been a While...

...but something seems to be under foot here!

All links to my blog, which is several years old, now go to some other person's blog! What on earth? And they don't even have a Blogspot Blog it is a Wordpress Blog!

So, as not to belabor the point/issue, I have renamed my blog to better reflect the nature of the content. I don't normally blog too much about crafts, I blog about life on our small farm and well, just life in general, so this is probably a better fit.

Lately, life in general has been a chore! On June 29, a new type of storm, well new to me, called a Derecho swept across 10 states and devastated much of our little slice of heaven. A Derecho is also known as a land hurricane, which is also new to me, and this nasty but fast moving storm left us without power for 11 days of what was the worst heat wave we have had in Central VA since 1936. Yes, we broke all the records.

The only good news here, is that we were on vacation in the Outer Banks the week before, and if this storm had come through a week earlier, we would have had to come home because our farm sitter could never have dealt with the fallout and we would have missed out on our wonderful vacation!

This is the view looking west from Kitty Hawk Kites in Nags Head. Those dunes are part of Jockey's Ridge State Park - spectacular!

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  1. I wondered why I all of the sudden was seeing two different The Beas Knees in my Dashboard listing! Am reading both of you now. So sorry you got socked by the derecho... that was a brand new word to me too. We were without power after a hurricane for nearly a week once and it was no fun.


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