Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump Day Giveaway!

Today's great giveaway find is from Stacy at Inkspot Workshop and it is a fabulous, french enthusiast inspired pairing from two awesome shops. And did I mention it is valued at $100.00?

First up is Sparkles Macaron, a small kitchen in California! According to their Etsy shop, Sparkles Macaron is a French macaron specialist that strives to provide their customer with a divine macaron experience, and they are passionate to make your party special and beautiful. At Sparkles Macaron, you will find delightful boxes of sweet, perfect gift for ones you love, fabulous party favors and gorgeous ideas for your dessert bar or centerpiece.I have seen these in numerous Etsy Treasury Collections and I just might have to get some and see for myself!
 And if satisfying your sense of taste isn't enough, the second half of this great giveaway is from Pure Palette Scents: Natural Home Scents and Massage Oils. Their site says "Pure Palette Soycandles and Scents is created to cooperate with our Pure Palette modern home accessories line. Having a great lovable scent in your home should not be compromised. The Pure Palette Soybean candles and scents is offering natural aromatherapy soybean candles as well as fragrance scent soybean candles." I have used Soy candles for years and if their products are nearly as good as the ones I have used, I am in!
Are you still here!  

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  1. I am visiting your blog to say hi and thanks for leaving me a comment. Your header picture looks so idyllic. I makes me think of Maine, where I grew up. Nice giveaway prizes! Good luck, erin


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