Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Day After...

... was spectacular! Too bad the University of Virginia doesn't recognize President's Day as a holiday! It would have been lovely to stay at home!
The sun's golden rays made it look like the trees were on fire!

The snow cover was wet and heavy
The "B" was a Christmas present from my sister - perfect!

The sky was deep blue after the sun came up!
The Pyracantha on the back of the house.

Looking out back over the ridge view as the sun rises.
The beauty of the ride to work was worth the ride!


  1. What beautiful photos - we haven't had any snow this winter. We're due to have a mini heatwave on Thursday/Friday here. Hope you are well xx

  2. I do love a snowstorm that doesn't stick to the roads! Beautiful photos and I'm jealous of your trained pyracantha - ours never looked that nice.


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