Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Chicks Arrived Today!

Today's the day we finally got our new baby chicks! Some of you may recall we had ordered them months ago and we were supposed to get them from McMurray Hatchery in Texas, but we had to change our plans and order from Meyer Hatchery in Ohio. It turned out much better for all involved because we didn't have to order a minimum of 25 chicks and we were able to get exactly what we wanted!

It seems rather odd that you can mail order baby poultry, but that is how the hatcheries have been doing it for decades! Another reason we changed suppliers, is that Meyer ships on Monday and Tuesday of each week and McMurray ships on Saturday. For us, this meant our chicks would be sitting in a distribution center for an extra day and we just couldn't do that to them. We wanted the best chance of 100% survival and as you can see, so far so good!

Yes, they came via USPS Priority Mail!

I will admit, I hardly slept last night worrying that the Post Office would actually deliver on time without a hitch.They left Ohio on Monday afternoon at 1:02 pm and were scheduled to arrive at our rural post office this morning when the truck brings the mail from the main distribution center in Sandston, VA. I was worried because I have had packages sit there for days with no reasonable explanation and if that happened with this package, I was going to be carrying around a lot of guilt! The Charlottesville, VA Post Office used to be a main distribution center so the chicks from TX got here faster and back then McMurray also shipped during the week. 15 years ago when we lived on a smaller property in Free Union, VA we picked our chicks up there and we had 2 deaths so I am very pleased about today's delivery!

Enough talking, let me introduce you to the ladies!

Just out of the box!

They start eating, drinking and scratching almost immediately.

It is hard to resist their little peeps!

These three are Welsummers



If you are wondering what we got and what they all are, you can follow the links in the names top see what the adult girls will look like.

Welsummer - 3 Female, Golden Campine  - 3 Female, Dominique - 3 Female, Buff Orpington - 3 Female,  and Ameraucana - 5 Female

I also posted a little video if you want to take a peep! :^)

You can watch it here:

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  1. The girls are doing beautifully and are growing like weeds! More than half of them have pin feathers on their wings already!


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