Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Fall!

It has been a long hot, dry summer here in Central Virginia. I am finally getting around to trying to get this thing going, so I hope anyone that comes across this Blog will grant me some leniency!

After spending most of the summer months working on our small farm, much of the canning is done and I am finally getting back inside to my Studio. After a long break I have a little trouble getting back in the creative groove, but I finally realized that is the result of having too many great ideas swirling around in the expanse!

Halloween is coming and it is one of my absolute favorite holidays. Not for the candy, which I must admit I do adore - especially hard stark licorice, but mostly for the wonderful colors that abound and the pumpkins, witches and black cats! The weather is starting to get cooler now and the days are getting shorter and that means things are winding down around the farm so it's time to come inside!
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